Cryogenic vials, TruCool®

Fornecedor: BioCision

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Cryogenic vials, TruCool®
TruCool® leak-proof cryogenic vials feature a screw cap with a thermally-fused gasket to ensure a tight seal. The gasket is a co-molded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer, which prevents leaking, slipping and risk of contamination. The gasket is 95 kPa certified to provide a leak-proof seal. These vials are sterile and individually barcoded with a unique identifier which can be read with common barcode readers. Ideal for use in CoolRack® CF cryogenic vial modules and CoolCell® alcohol-free cell freezing containers. Recommended for use in vapor phase LN₂ only.

Embalagem: Cases contain 5 packs of 100 vials.

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