Placas de contacto, irradiadas

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Placas de contacto, irradiadas
Meios de cultura Placas de Contacto
Contact plates are ideal for monitoring microbiological contamination of surfaces and air (using an air sampler) inside cleanrooms, isolators, RABS (Restricted Access Barrier), the food industry and hospitals. Triple-wrapping ensures that the package itself does not contaminate the environment, as the first wrapper is removed just before entering a clean area. Plate packaging containing PCA is not irradiated.

  • Plates packed in special triple-wrapped packaging with irradiation indicator
  • Can use PET, transparent, reusable container to transport plates to the laboratory after sampling
  • Special packaging to protect the product during transport and storage
  • Available with TLHTh (Tween®, lecithin, histidine, thiosulphate) disinfectant neutralisers
  • Available with certificate of irradiation/dosimetry
  • VHP resistance studies available for all triple-wrapped plates

Embalagem: Contains 8×10 triple-wrapped packs with a total of 80 plates. 8 PET, transparent, reusable containers are included.

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