Conjugation kits, Protein-Protein Conjugation kit

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Conjugation kits, Protein-Protein Conjugation kit
Ensaios Ensaios de proteínas
The Protein-Protein Conjugation kit is designed to easily and efficiently conjugate two proteins together. This kit is flexible so that researchers with little or no conjugation experience can make their own custom protein-protein conjugates to suit their needs. It includes all of the necessary components - including S-HyNic and S-4FB - and protocols for easy and specific crosslinking of any protein with any other protein of a different size greater than 7 kDa.

  • Catalysed conjugation – Faster kinetics for greater efficiency and yields
  • Quantifiable – Using a UV signature wavelength and simple UV scan
  • Stability – 10 times more stable than any other conjugation linker
  • Specificity – Two-linker method avoids homoconjugate formation

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