Screw cap microcentrifuge tubes, SuperClear®

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3653-875-000-9EA 277 EUR
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Screw cap microcentrifuge tubes, SuperClear®
Tubos Tubos de microcentrífuga
SuperClear® tubes are made of high quality medical grade ultra clear resins to ensure your work is safe and repeatable. These tubes provide a clear view of the tube contents as well as correct colour rendition and fit all standard and high capacity microcentrifuge rotors

  • Tubes are available freestanding or with a conical bottom
  • ATP, RNase/DNase and endotoxin free (non-pyrogenic)
  • Tubes and caps are autoclavable
  • Can be centrifuged to 20000 RCF

Available options:
- Tubes with O-ring caps (ethylene propylene)
- Tubes with elastomeric sealing ring
- Tubes only
- Caps only

Embalagem: Packaged in resealable bags. Sterile versions of these tubes are packaged in medical grade bags. Sterilized with a validated medical grade process to an SAL of 10⁻⁶.

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