Inserts, sterile, Corning® Transwell®

Fornecedor: Corning
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Inserts, sterile, Corning® Transwell®
Microplacas Insertos e Placas
Corning® Transwell® microporous membrane inserts are available with a variety of surface treatments for a diverse array of applications

All Transwell® inserts are designed for use in epithelial and endothelial cell culture, transport, migration/invasion, co-culture, and microbial pathogenesis studies.

Inserts provide independent access to both apical and basolateral plasma membranes of the cell monolayer. Sterile.

Tissue culture-treated inserts are available in polyester or polycarbonate formats, and are treated for optimal cell attachment. Once stained, they allow excellent cell visibility using phase contrast microscopy.

Collagen-coated inserts are constructed from polytetrafluoroethylene. Cultrex® basement membrane extract (BME) coated inserts are manufactured from polycarbonate.

Informações de encomenda: Tissue culture-treated inserts are supplied preloaded into multiwell plates. Collagen-coated inserts are individually blister packed, with cluster plates included in each case. The 24-well collagen-coated inserts include twenty-four 6.5 mm inserts packaged separately with two 24-well plates. Cultrex® BME-coated inserts are supplied in two 24-well plates, 12 inserts per plate.

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