DNA/RNA sequencing device, MinION™

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DNA/RNA sequencing device, MinION™
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MinION™ ― your personal, portable DNA and RNA sequencer.

  • Real-time sequencing of DNA or RNA — rapid results and base modification data as standard
  • Sequence DNA/RNA molecules of any length — from short to ultra-long (20 bp to >4 Mb)
  • Simple workflow, with library prep in as little as 10 minutes
  • Fits in the palm of your hand; weighs just 100 g
  • Connect to a laptop via USB port

Get complete control and creativity over when, where, and how often you sequence. MinION™ provides the power of nanopore sequencing in an accessible, fully portable device. Weighing only 100 g and running off a laptop, MinION generates tens of gigabases of real-time data in the field or lab.

The high yields of nanopore sequencing data are suitable for a range of applications, including metagenomic species identification, antibiotic resistance profiling, microbial genome assembly, plasmid sequencing, targeted sequencing, low-coverage sequencing of large genomes, and isoform-level transcriptomics.

Choose a MinION starter pack to suit your specific application:
- Ligation sequencing kit — highest output and control over read lengths (60-min prep time; 1000 ng dsDNA input). The MinION starter pack + ligation kit (v14) provides the latest nanopore sequencing chemistry for highest read accuracy
- Rapid sequencing kit — fastest, simplest library preparation (10 min prep time; 400 ng HMW gDNA input)
- Direct RNA sequencing kit — sequence RNA molecules directly and preserve base modifications (115 min prep time; 500 ng poly-A+ RNA input)

Visit the individual library prep kit web pages for more detailed information.

Atenção: Oxford Nanopore Technologies products are not intended for use for health assessment or to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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