96-Well plate sample control system, U-2D™

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MICS95296-I-1MLMR MICS95296-I-500MR MICS95296-350-CS MICS95296-350-D-CS MICS95296-I-1ML MICS95296-350-1DR MICS95296-350-3DP MICS95296-05ND MICS95296-350-1DP MICS95296-350-3DR MICS95296-1ML-PK MICS95296-U2D-1ML MICS95296-05N MICS95296-500-1R MICS95296-1ML-3P MICS95296-500-1P MICS95296-500-3R MICS95296-1ML-1P MICS95296-1ML-3R MICS95296-500-3P MICS95296-1ML-1R MICS95296-500-PK MICS95296-U2D-500 MICS95296-350-3P MICS95296-350-PK MICS95296-350-1R MICS95296-350-3R MICS95296-350-1P MICS95296-350-D-PK MICS95296-500-CS MICS95296-I-500
96-Well plate sample control system, U-2D™
Microplacas Insertos e Placas
The U-2D™ universal two dimensional 96-well plate system offer users unprecedented sample management control compared to current glass lined or plastic well plates for sample preparation or chromatography.

Easily push up the insert from the bottom and remove it from the rack. These inserts can then be placed into any MicroSolv 9 mm screw top autosampler vial for safe storage, transport or for a second chromatography dimension, or to another instrument platform.

Informações de encomenda: Base and sealing mats sold separately.

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