Microcentrifuge tubes, ClikLok™ and MacrewTube™

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Microcentrifuge tubes, ClikLok™ and MacrewTube™
Tubos Tubos de microcentrífuga
These tubes are made of high-quality, transparent polypropylene without the use of slip agents, plasticisers, mold release agents and biocide substances.

  • RNase-, DNase-, Pyrogen- and DNA-free
  • Writing surface on flat cap and side wall for quick sample identification
  • Precise lid sealing for minimal evaporation rate during long-term storage
  • Graduated every 0,5 ml
  • Exceptional centrifugation stability of up to 25000×g
  • Withstands temperatures from +121 to –196 °C

The ClikLok™ and MacrewTube™ tubes have been designed for the simple and safe processing of medium-sized sample volumes.

Designed for samples larger than 2,0 ml. The 16 mm tube diameter is identical to the diameter of standard 15 ml tubes, ensuring compatibility with centrifuge rotors. Both the ClikLok™ and MacrewTube™ are designed with a smooth bottom with no sharp points to prevent hurting user fingers. The slim design fits high capacity rotors.

The ClikLok™ snap cap tubes are available with a flat top or with a CapInsert™ cavity for color-coding purposes. The cap will partially open when the internal pressure approaches an unsafe level in a controlled manner, releasing excess pressure but preventing any splashing of contents. In applications over 80 °C, the CapLock™ clips are recommended.

The MacrewTube™ screw cap tubes are available sterile or with a choice of two caps, a regular lip seal cap or a tethered cap. Both models have the CapInsert™ cavity for colour coding purposes.

Informações de encomenda: Colour coding CapInserts™, Caplock™ clips, universal adapters, racks and storage boxes are available separately.

Embalagem: Sterile products are packaged in bags of 20. Non-sterile tubes are packaged in bags of 100.

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