Bicinchoninic acid disodium salt hydrate

Fornecedor: Merck
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D8284-1G D8284-5G D8284-25G D8284-10G
Bicinchoninic acid disodium salt hydrate
Ensaios Ensaios de proteínas
Bicinchoninic acid is used for the determination of protein concentration. It is responsible for the making of intense purple complex with cuprous ion (Cu+) in the presence of alkaline conditions. The amount of Cu+ is in relation with the protein concentration.

  • Assay: ≥98%
  • Form: Powder
  • Colour: White to light yellow

Bicinchoninic acid disodium salt hydrate has been used to monitor the levels of reducing sugars, thereby helping in the detection of chitinases. It has also been used to determine the amount of cellulose reducing ends (micromoles/g cellulose).

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