Anti-HLA-DR Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (APC-Cyanine7) [clone: L243]

Fornecedor: Tonbo Biosciences
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25-9952-T100 25-9952-T025
Anti-HLA-DR Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (APC-Cyanine7) [clone: L243]
The L243 antibody reacts with a member of the human MHC Class II antigens, HLA-DR. The HLA-DR antigen is expressed on B lymphocytes, activated T lymphocytes, activated NK cells, monocytes, macrophages, other antigen presenting cells and progenitor cells. The L243 antibody is specific to an epitope on the alpha subunit of the heterodimeric HLA-DR protein and binds a different epitope than the LN3 antibody clone. It does not cross-react with HLA-DP or HLA-DQ. This antibody is reported to be cross-reactive with non-human primates including Chimpanzee, Cynomolgus, Rhesus and Baboon. Please choose the appropriate format for each application.

Type: Primary
Antigen: HLA-DR
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone: L243
Conjugation: APC-Cyanine7
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG2a, kappa
Reactivity: Human

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