pSTBlue-1 AccepTor™ vector kit

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pSTBlue-1 AccepTor™ vector kit
Vectors, Plasmids, Libraries and Inserts
The pSTBlue-1 AccepTor™ vector kits are designed to simplify the PCR cloning process by using non-proofreading thermostable DNA polymerases (eg. KOD XL polymerase and native and recombinant Taq polymerases), which leave single 3'-dA overhangs on the reaction products. The AccepTor™ vectors enable direct ligation by virtue of single 3'-dU overhangs that anneal efficiently with 3'-dA extensions on PCR products. The dU residues are converted to dT residues in vivo following transformation.

Fornecimento: AccepTor™ vectors are supplied in a ready-to-ligate format.

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