Dehydrated culture media

Fornecedor: Liofilchem
LIOF610040EA 92.7 EUR
LIOF620630 LIOF620020 LIOF610040 LIOF610142 LIOF610207 LIOF610241 LIOF620114 LIOF620071 LIOF621007 LIOF620220 LIOF610190 LIOF620601 LIOF610303 LIOF620125 LIOF610004 LIOF610014 LIOF621016 LIOF620176 LIOF620162 LIOF610135 LIOF610192 LIOF620239 LIOF620090 LIOF610106 LIOF610186 LIOF610309 LIOF610136 LIOF610036 LIOF610341 LIOF620194 LIOF620610 LIOF610095 LIOF610371 LIOF610218 LIOF620095 LIOF610113 LIOF610300 LIOF610021 LIOF620134 LIOF610187 LIOF611022 LIOF610358 LIOF610111 LIOF610048 LIOF620349 LIOF6100535 LIOF610155 LIOF620611 LIOF610094 LIOF610195 LIOF620613 LIOF610360 LIOF610154 LIOF610024
Dehydrated culture media
Meios de cultura Meios de Cultura Desidratados
Dehydrated culture media in powder available in 100g, 500g and 5kg formats.

  • Produced in a strictly controlled environment according to the highest quality standards
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility
  • The lid contains an induction seal to ensure the humidity control
  • Liofilchem produces over 3000 standard formulations in compliance with international standards including ISO, CLSI, EUCAST, APHA, AOAC, EP and USP
  • Flexibility for customizing the medium composition

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