Order Entry - How to Upload

Do you maintain a list of products outside of the vwr.com web site? Do you wish you had a way to load your list into the Order Entry screen or Shopping Basket? Well, here is the solution.

The "Upload a List of Products" feature allows you to upload a .CSV file containing product numbers. In addition, you can specify a unit of measure and requested quantity for each product. Below are a few steps and hints to get you started with your upload.

Create a File Using Excel

  • Create a Microsoft Excel file with three columns.
  • Place product numbers in column 1 (i.e. 11217-200).
  • Place valid units of measure in column 2 (i.e. "ea" for each).
  • Place a quantity in column 3.
  • Save the Excel file for future use.
  • The next step is to save the file as a .CSV file.

Save as a .CSV File

  • Open the Excel file containing your list of products (if not already open).
  • Select the "File" menu and choose the "Save As..." option.
  • The "Save As" dialog box opens.
  • Choose a save location (make a mental note).
  • Give the file a name.
  • Under "Save as type:" select "CSV (Comma delimited (*.csv)" from the drop-list.
  • Click the "Save" button.